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Used Micros POS, 3700, 2700

Used NCR 7454 Used NCR 7453
 New and Used Micros P.O.S. Systems

About the Micros 2700 Series Terminals
No other POS System has grown more restaurant businesses than the MICROS 2700 Hospitality management System (HMS). With over 65,000 units in 20,000 restaurants, it's the most trusted and widely used restaurant POS system in the world. The 2700 HMS's integrated hardware and software and full-featured functionality make it a cost-effective solution for a wide range of hospitality applications.Following are detailed descriptions of the 2700 HMS System Architecture and its features.

System Architecture/Hardware
* Network of Intelligent processors
* Fault tolerant peer-to-peer architecture
* No single Point of Failure
* Touchscreen or Keyboard terminals
* Rugged hardware designed for the restaurant environment
* Variety of printers, including thermal and impact
* Output to centralized receipt printers, and expeditor or production monitor screens
* Change output routing on the fly as your day part sales volume dictates
* Large display
* Add plug-in memory and peripheral expansion boards for future growthworkstations can help increase profits too.

About the Micros 3700 Series Terminals
The first Unified Restaurant Management System. Single or multi-unit restaurant, domestic or international chain, your
POS system is central to your business. What makes it so powerful is the
information POS can provide to help you make decisions and manage your business better.
It goes beyond today's POS systems and combines advanced POS capabilities with restaurant management tools in a single open system. With the MICROS 3700, a centralized database pulls your entire restaurant together -- across all applications. Information is centralized or unified throughout the enterprise. Information that you can us to monitor sales, manage production, control costs, and more. So you can make better decisions today. And as the first offering in our new Restaurant Enterprise Series, the MICROS 3700 is designed to work with a full range of integrated operations, communications and service applications. With the MICROS 3700, you're ready for the next decision and you can face it head on.

Xerxes Computer Corporation can provide the POS systems below as well as others. Call us with your Point-of-Sale needs. Don't forget to look at all of the peripherals available as well!

Model Description Xerxes Price
Micros 2700 New and Used Micros 2700 POS Series Terminal (Hardware Only) Please Call
Micros 3700 New and Used Micros 3700 POS Series Terminal (Hardware Only) Please Call
Xerxes handles the complete line of Micros 2700, 3700 Terminals, Features, Parts, and Upgrades. Please contact a Xerxes Representative for product pricing and availability.

For more information, pricing, or availability of P.O.S. Systems, peripherals or parts, please contact Xerxes at 1-888-777-0531 or contact our P.O.S. specialists at pos@xcc.com


Used / Refurbished IBM POS
IBM Workstation Terminals
IBM Printers
IBM Displays
IBM Keyboards 2
IBM Parts & Components NCR 7452

Fujitsu/TeamPOS POS

Used / Refurbished
Fujitsu / TeamPOS POS
Fujitsu Cash RegisterTerminals
Fujitsu POS Printers
Fujitsu Scanners
Fujitsu POS Displays
Fujitsu Keyboards 2
Fujitsu MSR/Signature Capture
Fujitsu POS Parts/Components NCR 7452


Used / Refurbished NCR POS
NCR Workstation Terminals
NCR Servers
NCR Printers
NCR Scanners
NCR Displays
NCR Keyboards 2
NCR MSR / Signature Capture
NCR Parts & Components NCR 7452

Micros POS

Used / Refurbished Micros
Micros Terminals
Micros Peripherals
Micros Parts & Components

New POS Peripherals :

Axiohm Peripherals Scale / Scanners
Cashbases Peripherals Scale / Scanners
Metrologic Scanners Scale / Scanners

Used POS Peripherals :

Hand Scanners Hand Scanners
Scale / ScannersScale / Scanners
Laser Scanners Laser Scanners
Check Readers Check Readers
Mag. Stripe Readers Magnetic Stripe Readers
Epson Printers Thermal Printers
Cables, Parts, etc Cables, Parts, Etc.

POS Hardware Notes:

*** Important Note: ***
Xerxes offers and supports P.O.S. hardware of many types. If your item is not listed, CALL 1-888-777-0531. We may have your P.O.S. system, part or peripheral in stock.
(In the event your item is not in our inventory, we can locate it for you!)

Contact Xerxes for RS6000, AS400, Sun and POS Solutions
Contact Xerxes for RS6000, AS400, Sun and POS Solutions

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