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Details: Metrologic MS7120 ORBIT Scanner
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Image: Metrologic MS7120 ORBIT Scanner Photo
Metrologic MS7120 ORBIT Scanner Manual
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Metrologic Logo Details:
Metrologic MS7120 ORBIT Scanner
Product Category: Metrologic Scanner
Product Type: POS Hand-Held Scanner
Xerxes Sale Price: Obtain Quote, Chat or Call for Pricing on Metrologic MS7120 ORBIT Scanner
Manufacturer: Metrologic
Mfg Model No.(s) MS7120
Mfg Part No.(s) MS7120
Mfg FRU No.(s) Not Available
Mfg Machine/
Feature Code No.(s)
Mfg Product Line: Metrologic Scanner
Condition: New
Xerxes Part Number: Metrologic MS7120
Please note: Information listed is deemed reliable, but is not guaranteed. Any price displayed is an attempt to provide today's best price. Due to changing market conditions or inventory changes, this price may vary to the displayed price. Always call for the most accurate price.
Metrologic MS7120 ORBIT Scanner: Product Overview / Additional Notes:

  MS7120 ORBIT is small in size, but BIG in performance. MS7120 ORBITt is Metrologic's first Point-of Sale barcode scanner to utilize holographic technology to precisely focus the scanner's laser and therefore increase performance and efficiency. MS7120 ORBIT is perfect for retail applications where counter space is at a premium and its unique contoured design allows it to be picked up to scan large, bulky items.  
Product Profile:
Metrologic Scanner:
(POS Hand-Held Scanner)

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Get Quote: Metrologic MS7120 ORBIT Scanner For more information, pricing, or availability on a Metrologic MS7120 ORBIT Scanner , please contact Xerxes at 1-888-777-0531 or contact our Metrologic specialists via our contact page.


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